Everything you need to know about our Tigerbite Mini-crushers.

How can I hire a Mini-crusher?

Find your local Tigerbite Mini-crusher to book your day(s) hire, or call our head office. We also offer leasing options for bigger projects which require a Mini-crusher for longer.

Can I buy a Mini-crusher?

Yes. If you want to invest in your landscaping machinery, you can purchase a Tigerbite Mini-crusher directly from us. We’ll still be on hand to support you with any spare parts, repairs or maintenance.

How does the process work?

Hiring the Tigerbite Mini-crusher couldn’t be easier. Start by finding and contacting your local hirer. We’ll then deliver the Mini-crusher directly to you. You can crush to your heart’s content, and we’ll come to collect the mini-crusher when you’re done.

Who manufactures the Tigerbite Mini-crusher?

We’ve partnered with the innovative minds at Tigerprecision, the masterminds behind our Mini-crushers. Their engineers have developed and manufactured this practical piece of machinery and are on hand for spare parts or customer support.

What is the maximum material size it can crush?

The cast iron jaw aperture is 400mm x 200mm. We recommend crushing aggregate up to 300mm x 150mm for best results.

How much can it crush in an hour?

This depends on the size and type of aggregate being crushed and your output size. For example, 8 tonnes of house bricks can be crushed to 40mm within an hour, whereas 3 tonnes of large concrete can be crushed to 25mm within an hour.

How do I operate the Mini-crusher?

The Mini-crusher uses two simple levers and a throttle to use and manoeuvre the machine. Start by turning the engine on, position the conveyor belt and add in your aggregate to start crushing.

Can the Tigerbite Mini-crusher crush granite?

With a crushing strength of 130n, our Mini-crusher is suitable for crushing household construction waste such as bricks, blocks, slabs and concrete.

How heavy is the Tigerbite Minicrusher?

The Tigerbite 400 weighs 968kg, whereas the Tigerbite 425 is slightly heavier at 1150kg.

How big is the Tigerbite Mini-crusher?

The Tigerbite 400 measures W730mm x H1433mm x L2450, compared to the Tigerbite 425, which measures W730mm x H1380mm x L2505mm. Both offer a compact design to fit narrow and awkward spaces without the hassle of moving material to crush it offsite.

What engine powers the Mini-crusher?

The Tigerbite 400 and Tigerbite 425 Mini-crusher are powered by a single-cylinder, petrol or diesel engine.

Can you load the Mini-crusher with a digger?

Yes, there is a large hopper suitable for loading waste by hand or by machine. Check out the video example HERE.

What is the lead time on parts?

Tigerprecision manufactures the Tigerbite Mini-crusher parts at our factory in Daventry and holds a full selection of spares. We also have a dedicated service team on hand for on-site support.

How long do the jaws last?

The Tigerbite Mini-crusher jaws are made from robust cast iron and manganese, with a rating of 2000 hrs.

Where do you deliver?

We’re proud to deliver the Tigerbite Mini-crusher globally, with customers in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Denmark and France.

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