With over 30 years in the engineering and construction industry, we witnessed the time, money and energy wasted on crushing aggregate. As well as the frustration of manually moving tonnes of material only to be crushed and moved back to site as subbase.

Looking to streamline the process, the innovative minds at Tigerbite Trading Limited created a compact, powerful, and cost-effective way to crush construction matter. Designing and manufacturing the Tigerbite Mini-crusher 400 and 425 for landscapers, builders and developers to hire.



The innovative minds behind the Tigerbite Mini-crushers have designed a compact machine capable of crushing bricks, concrete, patio slabs, etc., to 40mm. Producing a sought-after Type 1 product, ideal for reusing within your foundations. Ultimately saving you time and money by repurposing your construction waste.

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The Tigerbite Solution

We’re helping landscapers, developers, and at-home DIYers save money on their construction jobs. Removing unnecessary skip and grab hire or having to outsource suitable base material by offering one profitable solution – the mini-crusher.

The innovative minds behind our Mini-crushers enable you to effectively handle all your on-site crushing needs, producing premium Type 1 foundation to reuse, recycle and reduce your project times and costs.

How to hire a Mini-crusher

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